Shoot Your Favorite Photo with your mobile phone or digital camera on Topics like Breaking News, Nature, Pets, Cookery , Art, Paintings, Secrets, Selfie where you should be owner of this Photo…


Upload your Photo on our Website, without any registration or fees, just by giving information about you and your Photo as in upload form given below, we don’t accept existing Photos from Youtube or Facebook or any other Image Channels…


Let’s share it in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and via Emails and SMS to general public across Globe, to get more viewers on your Photos and popularize it…


Get money based on your Photo Popularity and number of Sales happened on Photo and on top of it for every uploaded approved Photo you get fixed money direct to your Bank Account Online as and when your Photo reaches payout status…

Upload Your Favorite Photo Which You Shot

Your Photo Earnings:

Earning 1: For your every successful approved Photo, you will get US$ 1

Earning 2: For every 1,000 Unique Shares & Reviews of your approved Photo, you will get US$ 10

Earning 3: If your Photo sells for your desired price, you will get 75% of your Selling Price

Earning 4: If you refer your friend to join this Upload Photo – Earn Program and whenever they get paid, you will get 5% of their payout as affiliate program

Earning 5: Top 10 Best Photos of the month will be rewarded with US$ 25

This program is Developed by Daily Needs 247 – Media Division

This program is managed by

Photo Approval Policy

  • Photos has to be exclusively shot by you on any clarity or resolution with any photo recording device like Mobile Phone or Digital Camera
  • Kindly do not upload any photo which is already available on Youtube or Facebook or other photos from films or website which are established before in other channels.
  • Just take your Smart Mobile Phone or Digital Camera, photo shoot any nature, traffic, pets, news or your favorite which you think will be attracted by many, to buy your photo and to share your photo as viral in Social media.
  • Your uploaded Photo should be exclusive with our website portal. Kindly write in minimum 300 words about your Photo Description while uploading
  • Photo Copyright owner should be the person who uploads it, we will not accept third person to upload others Photo
  • So, just upload this newly taken photo to our website for us to approve & promote.
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